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From the Executive Director:

The Black and Gold Club, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization, has been designed to be the natural outgrowth of the Student Black and Gold Club, a student organization at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee founded in the early 2000’s.  The role of the SBGC has been to foster growth of student involvement in varsity athletics from a fan’s perspective.  While the SBGC has done great work over the years to help organize and grow the student fan base, there has long been a need to do this beyond the student level.

For a long time, Milwaukee Athletics has operated with far too little resources, both human and financial. The fan experience for a long time has suffered due to that unfortunate truth, and without an expansion of funding to support growth, the university has been unable to help athletics realize its full potential as a fan base, therefore impeding the growth of the university’s own community.

The Black and Gold Club seeks to change that. We’ve recognized that if the fan base is to reach its full potential, then it has to be about more than students – it has to be about everyone, from all ages and backgrounds in the Milwaukee area and beyond.  We seek to help the growth of the fan base in any way we are able. Whether that be putting on events, raising money, spreading the word, school spirit, or helping with marketing and promotions, the Black and Gold Club is up to the task.

For too long, the fan base has looked towards the next person in the Athletic Director’s chair to fix things for us. From Bud Haidet to George Koonce to Rick Costello, the fan base has looked to them to wave a magic wand and build the program themselves.  With the new beginning of the intelligent, charismatic and capable Amanda Braun, the Black and Gold Club seeks to change that philosophy; no longer will it be “what can the AD do for us,’ it will be ‘what can we do to support this person and build the program brick by brick.’

I don’t mean to rip off Jack Kennedy, but the time has come for us to roll up our shirt sleeves and get our hands dirty.  Every coach, administrator and employee of this university will eventually cycle out, but we will remain. There are many of us who have been fans of the program for quite a long time, we should recognize that we as a group will outlast any employee and take ownership of this program, as it is our future.

Join us. The Black and Gold Club needs all the help it can get in growing , in helping the university realize its potential in athletics. We need help all over the board in fostering the growth of the Milwaukee Panthers. We can’t do it alone.

Join us.

Thank you,

Jimmy Lemke



Our mission statement:

The mission of the Black and Gold Club is to provide direct support to the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The Black and Gold Club seeks to help Milwaukee Athletics in forming a vision for the future as an NCAA Division I program, as well as carrying out that vision through fundraising, school spirit, long term planning, networking, marketing and promotions. The Black and Gold Club endeavors to help foster the growth of Milwaukee Athletics for its student-athletes on its way to becoming a nationally prominent program.

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